change USRP and TLV gain with

Patrick Perdue

Is there a way to change the USRP and TLV gain on the fly with

I normally have my USRP gain set to 0.34, and TLV gain set to 3.00, which works fine most of the time, but there is one net controller using a very hot DMR radio (GD77S) which clips out at that gain even when he backs off. I like having higher than unity gain, because it makes it easier for those using Allstar to hear the wider dynamic range of DMR users. If I change the gain to unity or 1.80, it's fine with this hot radio (1.80 is actually a little on the edge as well, but not as bad as 3.00,) but the only way I know of for doing this is changing it in the INI file and restarting A_B. I have never gotten satisfactory results with AGC.

Thanks and 73


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