Re: Which base image to use with DV Switch: Allstar or HamVoIP

Patrick Perdue

I'm not as familiar with the conventions of Arch Linux as I am with Debian. Did you install from a package (I think there is one in the HamVoIP repository,) or did you put everything in place and manually implement the init scripts?

I don't have an immediate need to run DVSwitch on my HamVoIP nodes, but I've gotten questions about it recently from some who do.

On 1/26/2020 2:51 PM, Brad N8PC wrote:
yes it works. I have DMR bridge on hamvoip image. check out 314651 dmr tg allstar 45743or echolink 275408

Brad N8PC

On 1/26/2020 2:22 PM, Mike WG5EEK wrote:
David, did you get this running?  I want to add a DMR bridge to my HamVoIP install but ran into obviously issues with dependencies.


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