Re: Which base image to use with DV Switch: Allstar or HamVoIP

David Ranch

Hello Mike,

Yes, I got it working. 

I went with the HamVoIP v1.5 image ( which is a fork of Allstar's Raspberry Pi image) which uses the Arch Linux distribution.  The HamVoIP release evidently has several fixes in it regarding audio delays, etc. that the the official Allstar images do NOT have.  The challenge I found with the HamVoIP image is not well integrated with modern SystemD-based Linux OSes and the binaries for the DV-Switch stuff seems to lag from what N4IRS publishes at  I submitted several changes to the HamVoIP developers to improve that SystemD integration but regardless saying they would add them in, I don't think they ever did.  I will admit it was some time ago and I need to look again.  I'm happy to send these patches to others who might be interested in them.

There is also a user-created DV-Switch image which i uses Raspbian (better support on Raspberry Pi, is more SystemD integrated, etc:

That web site is Spanish centric, a bit hard to find the details, etc. but it might work for you.

Anyway,  what I ultimately did was follow this doc and started with the software AMBE support:

I later switched over to a hardware AMBE device made by NW-Digitial and that worked fine as well.


On 01/26/2020 11:22 AM, Mike WG5EEK wrote:
David, did you get this running?  I want to add a DMR bridge to my HamVoIP install but ran into obviously issues with dependencies.


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