Re: EA5GVK with Zumspot AMBE Server...


Can you tell me what do you want to do with it on the Pi?

I used the Zum Ambeboard as vocoder hardware for Analog_Bridge. So upon inserting the configured SD card (Ambe Server mode with IP address and port 2460) to the Zum Ambeboard, I plugged the Ethernet data cable to the unit then powered it on. Afterwards, I configured the Analog_Bridge.ini with the following lines:

address =                ; IP address of AMBEServer
rxPort = 2460                                  ; Port of AMBEServer
; address = /dev/ttyUSB0                ; Device of DV3000U on this machine
; baud = 460800                              ; Baud rate of the dongle (230400 or 460800) 
serial = false                                    ; Use serial=true for direct connect or serial=false for AMBEServer  

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