Re: need to find a way to link hblink or ysf or mmdvmbridge to wires x room

David Ranch

Hello Ernie,

I'd like to get something like this working as well (no interest in using the YSF side of things per se) so I'm very interested in this thread.

Your diagram didn't seem to render correctly for me here but are you saying you're connecting to a WiresX room using an OpenSpot2?  It also looks like you're going between WiresX and BrandMiester via D-star.  That means you're unnecessarily transcoding across different versions of the AMBE codec which will create a loss of audio fidelity.  Is there any way to keep all this within the native AMBE codec version so the audio between the WiresX and DMR universes as good as possible?


On 02/07/2020 04:33 AM, Ernie Gm7kbk wrote:
My system is like this.

                                                  - MMDVM_Bridge - YSFReflector
wires-x - openspot2 (dmr)  - xlx  - Brandmeister
                                                   - MMDVM_Bridge - DMR+
                                                   - Hblink3
                                                                 - MMDVM_Bridge  - Analog_Bridge - Allstarlink - Echolink
                                                                 - MMDVM_Bridge  - Analog_Bridge -Dvswitch mobile

I have found this setup to be the most stable. Audio quality back and fourth from all networks are great. 

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