Re: need to find a way to link hblink or ysf or mmdvmbridge to wires x room


Hello Gary

I don't see any user blocked messages on Brandmeister.
Audio can be controlled by getting users to adjust their settings. Most have there mic gain turned up for c4fm. And most users here have Chinese radios for dmr which are not to loud. Anybody comming into the system with a commercial radio will soon be told to back off the mic.
XLX controls the audio from Dstar and Dmr.

Total users change from day to day.
40 nodes or gateways on wires-x
70 on fcs
70 on Ysf
30 on dmr

We have also got peanut, zello, teamspeak, allstar and echolink all connected. The audio from these links can be quite good depending on what equipment is being used.

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Hi Erine,

How many end points do you typically have on your network using this configuration? How is the audio level balance between DMR and YSF? Do you experience and issue with Brandmeister user block message? 

This is my setup.
Wires-X - OpenSpot 1 (YSF)
                                   MMDVM_Bridge YSF to DMR (BM)

The DMR audio is ~ 30% louder then YSF, audio. We probably experience the BrandMeister User Blocked message a few times per week.

...Gary, KE8O

We have on average 26 connections on Wires-X, 40 YSF, no visibility into the number of users on DMR.


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