Re: BM to XLX via MMDVM_Bridge - Doc version 2.0

Bryan Jackson

Hi Steve did you ever update the doc ?  Looking at implement this solution whilst waiting for DM to create the XLX interlink.   Basically I want to connect XLX070A to BM TG2345974.   Any suggested configs or alternative methods of achieving this ?   My eventual aim is to also include Echolink so looking and adding a Allstarlink server (which will run on seprate server on same LAN) into the equation later with an MMDVM_Bridge hooking into XLX070A.

Also to add to the equation I currently have running on the same server another ysfreflector GB COVARS that uses YSF2DMR to currently connect GB COVARS to BM TG2345974.

So current setup is
GB COVARS (YSFreflector) -> YSF2DMR -> BM TG2345974 with XLX070 running on same server with no connections.
Plan is to do this to keep GB COVARS so following this arrangment on server 1
GB COVARS (YSFreflector) -> YSF2DMR -> XLX070A -> MB-XLX -> MB-BM -> BM TG2345974
And on server 2
ECHOLINK -> Allstarlink -> md380emu - > MB - XLX070A(which runs on server 1)
Is this config possible? Can this all be ran on one server or would it be better to keep them separate ?

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