Re: Dvswitch app.. can not connect?

Steve N4IRS

If I understand the question you want to connect to 2 different nodes. I assume from the no computer comment, you do not have a node of your own. If I have this correct, you would need the node owners to grant you access to their nodes from DVSwitch Mobile. So in short rather then connecting to your node and then to their node, you would connect directly to their node.

73, Steve N4IRS

On 2/17/20 10:28 PM, Charles Fraga wrote:
Is it possible to set up the dvswitch app on an android to link to a specific node (45685, 45882) without having a computer. I am a truck driver and only have a phone and a tablet. Can someone explain what should be in each line for the account on the app. 

Thanks KJ7MIJ 73

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