Re: First release of USRP Client (pyUC)

Steve N4IRS

You can leave the default server alone, it will not be used when connecting to ASL.
Set aslMode=1
Setup you ASL node using the USRP channel driver. Set the ports to the same value
rxchannel = USRP/

Please be aware that you can not control the node (*70 etc) from pyUC. All you can do is transmit and receive.

Steve N4IRS


On 2/25/2020 1:58 PM, ve6gcd@... wrote:
Hi Steve,

Can you tell me how to set this up for ASL USRP node?

The downloaded pyUC.ini file has


For AllStarLink Do I need to set defaultServer to blank, while aslMode=1? 

Geoffrey VE6GCD

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