Re: DVSwitch Server Dying once a day

Steve N4IRS

We are looking at a possible cause / solution.


On 2/25/2020 12:01 PM, Jay wrote:
Maybe someone has a solution.  I have Raspberry Pi 3 with DVSwitch built from the most current instructions.  It works great but sometime overnight, every night, the device becomes unreachable.  By that I mean I VNC into it and it will not conned until it is rebooted.  Its like it went to sleep and doesn't want to wake up.  

Has anyone else experienced this.  The OS is fully up to date.  All IP addresses are static.  No other software has been installed.  I just enabled VNC and started using it.  I do not believe it is DVSwitch software that is the cause but I have a bunch of Pi3 devices running without this occurring on them.

Any suggestions or hints would be helpful.


jb   N4NQY

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