Re: What DMR ID's? #analog_bridge

Alejandro Pereida

Thanks Steve, well this is the idea hopefully we can make it work:

I built two repeaters for our Mexican radio club, both in the same rack on a mountain top, one is using a Rasperry Pi 4 running PI-STAR, two Motorola CDM1500 on the 438.025 Mhz (- 5Mhz) frequency pair
I only enabled DMR and D-Star on the Pi-Star for that repeater (Call: XE2SJN DMR id: 334217).

The other is an analog VHF repeater using a Raspberry pi 3 running Asterisk as the controller and two Motorola CDM1500. So the idea is to be able to link the analog repeater to TG 334217 using the Analog_bridge,MMDVM_bridge and MD380 emulator programs as shown on some youtube videos.

Will this setup work if both repeaters are behind the same public IP?
Is it possible to link/unlinkĀ  the analog repeater from the DMR network via DTMF?

Thanks in advance

Alex N2IX / XE2BSS

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