Re: First release of USRP Client (pyUC)

Steve N4IRS

Sorry for the delay, it took me a bit to figure out what I think is your issue.
In rpt.conf for the node you are connecting to via USRP you have something like this:

rxchannel = USRP/; GNU Radio interface USRP

What this says is that chan_usrp is listening on port 32001 This is how your audio gets from pyUC to ASL tells CHAN_USRP to send audio to IP on port 34001. Well unless you have pyUC running on the same machine as the ASL node, you will hear no audio from pyUC.
So, change to the IP of the machine running pyUC.

Steve N4IRS

On 2/25/2020 10:55 PM, ve6gcd@... wrote:
Hi Steve,

I was able to transmit from USRP Client in ASL mode but was unable to receive anything. Is there anything I missed in the settings? Config file below.

myCall = VE6GCD             ; You callsign
subscriberID = 3026122      ; Your DMR/CCS7 ID
repeaterID = 3026122        ; Your repeater ID
ipAddress = <omitted>  ; IP address or hostname of DVSwitch Server (AB)
usrpTxPort = 34001          ; Port on which AB is listening
usrpRxPort = 32001          ; Local port to listen for packets from AB
defaultServer = YSF         ; Start up UI on this mode (AB will override)
slot = 2                    ; Slot to transmit on for DMR
in_index = Default          ; pyaudio  index for input device (0-N or -1 to disable)
out_index = Default         ; pyaudio  index for output device (0-N or Default) 
loopback = 0                ; NOT USED
dongleMode = 0              ; NOT USED
micVol = 50                 ; NOT USED
spVol = 50                  ; NOT USED
voxEnable = 0               ; Enable = 1, disable = 0
voxThreshold = 200          ; This seems to be a good value for me
voxDelay = 50               ; 50 samples (which is 1 second)
aslMode = 1                 ; For VERY limited use with chan_usrp (ASL experimental).

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