Re: setting up MMDVM_Bridge and Analog_Bridge #mmdvm_bridge #analog_bridge

MIKE Parie <aa1pr@...>

OK like this gentleman I too am having issues
it seems my node is communicating with brandmesiter & echolink, both are connected & reporting
all the test steps along the process were verified as instructed in the pdf
however the node will not pass audio as far as I can tell trying to access it from my 2nd echolink app on the cell using cell data
I need to get someone on the outside world to connect in for me & test

can I add a node radio to this I dont see anyone doing that from my online research so far
Ive added my usb radio fob script accordingly to the simpleusb_tune_usb_42282.conf
I see the new software doesnt have simpleusb-tune-menu
so how does one set audio levels

I also tried to setup a script/command so when the node is turned on it connects to 1999  with     startup_macro =*9531999 will this still work with the new software?

can I also install the zoiper script in iax.conf & extensions.conf like the crompton image to gain iax access?

any help is greatly appreciated, thanks

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