Re: AMBE GPIO board #analog_bridge


I didn't know about parameter very well for The result was without parameter. This time I tried with " -e -v -n" and the baudrate was 460800 but it still doesn't seem to be properly working.

              Port name:      /dev/ttyAMA0

              Baudrate:       460800

              Byte size:      8

              Parity:         N

              Stop bits:      1

              Xon Xoff:       False

              RTS/CTS:        False

              DST/DTR:        False


              Testing Reset DV3000

              Error, AMBE header was corrupt

I found a thread which has something to do with the error message "AMBE header was corrupt" and I read KI7SBI solved his issue with a bigger power supply. I don't fully understand the main issue of his but I just tried with a couple of other big enough power supplies but no luck, meaning same return from and the audio crashes on Dstar.
Any other suggestions?
p.s. When I set for a separate AMBE server with the proper address and port on Analog_Bridge.ini it works ok and the audio is very good.

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