Re: FM Repeater to DMR Talkgroup? #best_practices


I can not point to a guide or give you much advise outside of this.

Be sure your audio is clean before converting to digital. Little noticed noise in analog can be a big issue in digital. Humming, buzzing and pops are not going to give you readable audio converted to digital. It's hard to believe how much it matters.

I do know you have a option for a rtl softradio input to allstar/asterisk connection and it is documented out there somewhere. Perhaps others will chime in with that and more info than I.

Connect it to a private node for control so you can connect/disconnect at will/as needed.

On 2/29/2020 12:34 PM, Weller Rudolf wrote:

I would like to connect an analog FM Relais (Scanner) to my local HBlink-Server and transmit the audio signals to a DMR talk group, e.g. 777. This is intended for a local server, with no DMRPlus etc. connected, private only. Is there a guide for this, which I could read, or can someone here help me?

It'd already be enough if only the analog RX signal is transmitted to the talk group. How can I make this happen without the use of Crosslink, ASL, Echolink or multiple devices?

I have available: Raspberry, DVThumb, UriX and all this stuff here. What can I do?

Thank you

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