Current Status and admin request

Steve N4IRS

It's been quiet for a while, so I guess it's time for a update in no real order.
Analog_Bridge is getting another refactor. Some functions are being pushed out to external programs or libraries. This should help reduce the number of times it will have to be visited.
The serial routines that talk to locally connected Vocoders is being looked at.
Native support for Vocoders other then the NWDigital ThumDB.
More descriptive and consistent naming of variables in Analog_Bridge.ini
I have setup a Debian repository for AllStarLink. I will be adding analog_bridge and other programs to the repository. This will allow for apt-get install Analog_Bridge...

HB_Bridge and IPSC_Bridge are being merged into their respective Master repositories. This will simplify installation and support.
Both HB_Bridge and IPSC_Bridge are getting a few bug fixes (ongoing)
Fixes for HB_Parrot
Changes for communications with servers other the BM to be implemented.

Additional Partners will be available: These bridges are going to go through changes over time.
D-Star Bridge
These bridges are going to go through changes over time. The method used to connect to external networks (P-25, YSF and D-Star) will change.

I have added a couple of simple documents in the file section. These should help people understand how to configure communications between partners. I will convert them to PDF next week.

Lat but not least, PLEASE change you display names to include your first name and call sign. Please! Please, did I say please?

73, Steve N4IRS

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