Re: FM Repeater to DMR Talkgroup? #best_practices


Well, the USRP interface is a A/D D/A bridge. Plugs right in to your mmdvm. But it's not really a A/D D/A converter since the format is all digital but one side is sourced from analog. It's really just a D/D format converter. In asl, the sound fob converts A/D. I have not 'seen' anything to the contrary but it may exist.

And the 'easiest' way to manipulate that is using asl. But you could bypass that. But I would be no help, except as I said in the first msg, a rtl-sdr may be what you want in place of your reciever. I know there are some doc's out there, however, I can't point to them. Google would help.

rtl-sdr --> usrpĀ  --> mmdvm

On 3/1/2020 4:47 AM, Weller Rudolf wrote:

Hey Mike,

I didn't necessarily wanna set up an ASL node. Are there other options? I was hoping to get a connection simply via MMDVM and Analog_Bridge, without an extra node. My problem with an ASL node is that it keeps a permanent connection, and I just wanna transmit to a talk group when analog FM is spoken. Kinda like a real radio device.

A COR signal is no problem, I have a Motorola GM360 connected to the URIx Interface

Thanks for the help
73 Rudolf

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