Re: FM Repeater to DMR Talkgroup? #best_practices

Weller Rudolf

Hello David,

that's a very interesting idea. I tried private nodes twice now, but it doesn't really work. I think my rtp.conf has the wrong configurations for nodes 1999 & 1998.

DMR to analog seems to work. When I press the PTT on the DMR device, I can hear the CW output and an acknowledgement sound from the same device, but no sound whatsoever from the FM device. No red LED signal on the UriX either... When I press the PTT on the FM device instead, nothing happens at all, and DTMF sounds aren't recognized either.

When I enter "rpt cmd 1998 cop 4 1998" directly into the Asterisk-shell, I can hear the sound from the DMR device and - with 1999 - also in the FM device. So the UriX seems to work. The startmacro in my rpt.conf is *31998.

When I enter "rpt cmd 1998 ilink 3 1999" into the Asterisk-shell, I can speak from DMR to FM, not the other way round though.

When I enter "rpt cmd 1999 ilink 3 1998" into the Asterisk-shell, neither DMR nor FM work. All I hear is a rogerbeep in the DMR device.

Maybe someone can help, cuz I'm at my wit's end.

1999 - UriX
1998 - USRP
Raspberry Pi 3 B+
Allstarimage von
73 and take care

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