Re: hotspot security

David Uzzell

Whilst it works it’s great but for some and unknown reasons it at times just stops working and the only way to get a connection is to remove it from both your hotspot and BM. Well this is the case on PiStar. 

On 18 Mar 2020, 02:28 +1100, Tito Lopez <OBUSTOS01@...>, wrote:
If u use pistar, I believe u have log into BM and edit your profile sec settings there. The same passwd you set there u put..... darn it Steve stole my thunder.  Lol

On Tue, Mar 17, 2020, 8:09 AM Russell, KV4S <russelljthomas@...> wrote:
can mmdvm work when hotspot security is on and if so, how do you configure it?

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