Re: DVSwitch configuration parameters

JJ Cummings

My suggestion is that you don't worry about those values unless it has some significant impact regarding your configuration (and it doesn't).  Modify the DStar specific values and leave the others alone.  I can appreciate that perhaps you want to understand better how things function and why certain values exist.  This said, berating people that are here to help you and who are doing so in their own free/spare time is probably not the best approach.

If you don't have the time or patience to wait for a reply, and if you can't do so without being condescending to those trying to help you then by all means feel free to break out a debugger and step through the associated binaries/processes.  Ghidra is free and will provide pseudo-code even for you... or try GDB or DDD and the list goes on.  Then you won't need to ask anyone, you'll have figured it out all on your lonesome.

On Thu, Apr 2, 2020 at 9:23 AM kb3cs <kb3cs@...> wrote:
there are seeming incongruous DMR-type settings in the DSTAR stanza in DVSwitch.ini.

does that mean the incoming DSTAR traffic (audio packet, etc.) is given the specified Talkgroup tag or label before leaving the outgoing DMR port (sort of like a TG channel director)?    answer yes or no, please.

does that also mean the outgoing DSTAR traffic uses the Talkgroup tag or label to select from incoming DMR traffic only the traffic belonging to the specified Talkgroup (sort of like a TG channel selector)?    yes or no?

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