Re: Bang Head Here (mine, not yours)

Randy AA6RH

Hi, I figured I'd give this a try, seeing as you have been forsaken by others.

My suggestion here is to take the question you have over to AskUbuntu and search there, where questions of package dependencies and how to override them can be properly addressed.

As you may have discovered, there is more than a little bit of pulling yourself up by your bootstraps needed here, and self-education on how to dislodge a stump from your wagon wheel is required in order to make this software work. It tends not to do exactly what you want without researching and thinking deeply about the technologies you are attempting to bridge.

And it bears repeating: everyone here is a volunteer, donating their time (especially Steve N4IRS) and patience is still a virtue in these stressful times.

Have a lovely Friday!

Randy Hall AA6RH (not K7AGE, quit asking) 😁

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