Re: HB_Brige/IPSCBridge #dmrlink


That is correct. You will need IPSC-Bridge and HB-Bridge.  The IPSC-Bridge will need to connect to your "System" on the DMRlink server. And the HB-Link will need to connect to a "system" on your HB-Link server.

You will one get 2 time slots of communication. It will be first come first serve for the TG.  So you may get a bottle neck if you run a bunch of TG to multiple repeaters.

The data flow will look kinda like this.

HBlink -> (single port number) -> HB-Bridge -> (2 diffrent port numbers) -> IPSC-Bridge -> (single port number) -> DMRlink.

In the hbink.cfg and the DMRlink.cfg files you need to set up the Master or the peer to connect to the respective server (HBlink/DMRlink). Then check and edit the HB-Bringe.cfg IPSC-Bridge.cfg file and make shore the 2 ports are 2 diffrent numbers and reversed from echother.

HB-Bridge.          IPSC-Bridge
To 4321.              To 1234
From 1234.          From 4321

Start them both you should be good to go.,


On Sat, Apr 4, 2020, 7:13 PM Roberto Pischianz <roberto@...> wrote:

Good evening everyone,
I want to try a link between HBLink and an IPSC server via IPSC-Bridge / HB_Bridge but I found very little documentation.
Is it possible to know which is the exact software chain and maybe an example of configuration?
Thanks in advance

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