Re: Installing & setup of MMDVM_Bridge Analog_bridge to do allstarlink, d-star, dmr, p25 linking. #hblink #mmdvm_bridge #analog_bridge

Steve N4IRS

There is no big secret. Nobody is hiding anything. Why do you think this forum exists? If you learn to setup DMR the flow will become clearer. Have you tried to follow the howto on a x86 system? I also suggest you look at <> DVSwith Mobile uses all the same programs.

Steve N4IRS 

On 4/5/20 12:57 PM, af5xp via wrote:

    I understand, but as ARM os (AllstarLink Node) is difficult to install software on. I am running my D-Star & P25 Reflectors on my Debian machine. Currently, I don't use DMR and don't care for it personally. That's why I have been trying to set up this way. But the how to's are very vague on their explanation for install & starting & setup, as being some big secret for a select few. My friend Steven K4SQI was helping me before he passed away all of a sudden. 

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