Re: Installing & setup of MMDVM_Bridge Analog_bridge to do allstarlink, d-star, dmr, p25 linking. #hblink #mmdvm_bridge #analog_bridge

Jeff Lehman, N8ACL

Ah just learned something new. I new that apt wouldn’t load it so I assumed that they were built for Debian based systems and had to be built from source. 

So there you go. I would still dump hamvoip and go with a clean install though on raspbian. You will know much better how everything works and will be easier to do. 

On Apr 5, 2020, at 17:10, Steve N4IRS <szingman@...> wrote:

 Actually, the DVSwitch binaries will work on HAMVOIP but the apt packages will not install on ARCH. The packages have to be pulled apart and the pieces installed manually. That being said, the AllStar side of the bridge is simple (chan_usrp) and needs to be pointed at Analog_Bridge. It does not matter want that target machine IP is. ( or

Steve N4IRS

On 4/5/20 4:54 PM, Jeff Lehman, N8ACL via wrote:
And finally the answer comes out. Hamvoip uses arch linux as its base and none of the dvswitch software will work on arch. It has been built for the Debian based systems like raspbian, dwbian and ubuntu. You will not get this to work without rebuilding everything from source code. 

The only other option is to start from a clean raspbian install and install allstar and the dvswitch components that way, not using the hamvoip image. 

That is how myself and many many others use allstar and dvswitch bridges. Hamvoip is ok to get started with but customization is very difficult. It’s not hard to install allstar and everything on raspbian. Again just follow the directions. 

On Apr 5, 2020, at 16:38, Peter M0NWI <peter-martin@...> wrote:

 Why can't you just start with a standard Debian / Raspbian, dump the Arch custom build and add the extras too it instead then?


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           It's hard to work with os on a pi with ARM that Hamvoip all-star uses that nothing installs like regular vers of Linux do. All most everything has to be manually installed, piece by piece. That's why I have/use a separate Linux machine for the other stuff.   

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