Re: Talkgroup Announcement

Steve N4IRS

The updated version of P25Gateway is in Github. Make sure you get the Audio subdirectory also. You can not change the voice messages in this one either. The difference is in the new version the announcement is the TG numbers only. No more "North America" The old version had the words built into the code and could be changed IF you had the tools. The first release Jonathan did had another phrase for disconnected, Mike and I submitted the change that produced "disconnected"

Steve N4IRS

On 4/9/20 5:54 PM, Lily W. wrote:
Tagging off of this... Steve mentioned a while back that an updated version of P25_Gateway was in the works. Was that ever released? I'm still running the old version that doesn't allow voice announcements to be changed. 

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From: Scott Evans <vk7hse@...>
Date: 4/9/20 4:42 PM (GMT-06:00)
Subject: Re: [DVSwitch] Talkgroup Announcement

You must be using an old version of P25 clients because the current version uses number sequence to announce the talkgroup. The system that originally used the location announcement was P25NX. The reason for the change to the number sequence was to allow for the P25 reflectors that weren't covered by the previous type.

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