Patrick Perdue

Hi all:

For the entire time I've been using DVSwitch, I've had usrpAudio=AUDIO_USE_Gain on Analog_Bridge. I'd like to use AGC, as dynamic range from DMR can be quite wide, but I find the attack and release to be way too fast, yielding a very crunchy effect, even with moderately hot DMR audio. Decreasing the gain just turns down the output. The input is still just as squished, just quieter. I like the idea, just want a smoother implementation of it. I think increasing the release time a little, and perhaps raising the threshold slightly would improve things, but I don't see a way to do this. Is this possible at all with the algorithm currently being used? If so, could this be added as a set of user adjustable parameter in Analog_Bridge?

Thanks and 73



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