Re: autogain

Mike Zingman - N4IRR


Thanks for the message.  When I put the AGC code in, I was playing with several functions and never really did finish the work on this.  Today I looked back. at what was included and it is pretty rough.  So, I am playing with a new (for me) algorithm and it seems to perform much better than the included code.  Not sure how I will expose the tuning parameters (threshold, slope and decay), but I am continuing to test.  If I allow dynamic updates to the parameters I will have to protect the internal structures from being modified while audio is present.  

For me, the modes with the greatest range are DMR and DSTAR on the loud end and fusion on the quiet end.  Not that the AMBE is different, but the different radio manufactures tend to have vastly different front end gains defined by default.  Playing on several of the bridges where all of these modes tend to be present.

Mike N4IRR   

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