Re: HBlink and DMRlink in "production"

Steve N4IRS

I have to admit I have never tried to run HBlink under Windows. It may work but I'll let someone else comment.
You can run it on a Pi. I don't see a reason you could not run it on one of the Pi-Star machines.

I have not been very good at working on the Wiki, so the documentation is limited. Here are the basics:
Download dmr_utils at <>
Run the
Download HBlink at <>
Rename hblink-SAMPLE.cfg to hblink.cfg
Disable Repeater-1 in hblink.cfg
Set the port and password for Master-1
Point your MMDVMHosts at the IP address of the machine running HBlink
Start HBlink with "python hblinkpy"
Start you MMDVMHosts and make sure they are logging in.
Stop HBlink with a control C
Start hb_bridge_all with ""
Your MMDVMHosts should be able to communicate with each other.

Stop hb_bridge_all with a control C

Read the hblink.cfg. You will find most everything you need to know in the configuration.
Do not be afraid to experiment.

I'm sure I missed something or made a typo. If you get a error message, stop read the message. Even if you don't completely understand the error, you should be able to pick out enough info.
Ask questions.
73, Steve N4IRS 

On 12/12/2017 08:08 PM, Nicola IT9FXF via Groups.Io wrote:

Hi Steve, yes  we have old analogics repeaters working with MMDVM. At the moment we are using Pi Star image. I need just HBlink in a server ? Not have a wiki about configuration ?
Can compilate only for linux or work also with windows?
Thank you in advance

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