Re: Setup of a Bridge YSF to DMR - Anyone out there who can solve this mystery ? #mmdvm_bridge

Steve N4IRS

Do not worry about the Dashboard. You want to look at the MMDVM_Bridge log file. If you setup MMDVM_Bridge.ini and DVSwitch.ini as the wiki states, all you should have to do is point MMDVM_Bridge at the 2 systems you want to bridge see below:

[DMR Network]
Enable=1 <---------- Point this at the DMR network

[System Fusion Network]
LocalPort=3200 <-------- point this at the YSF reflector
GatewayPort=42166 <-------- Set this to the proper port for the reflector

Steve, N4IRS

On 4/15/2020 4:17 AM, Uli wrote:
I simply want to link my YSF Reflector to a Talkgroup on Brandmeister.

Meanwhile I have tried 4 full installation attempts to do a Bridge between YSF and DMR but no luck.
I have 2 RPI 3B+, both running raspbian stretch lite. One has a YSF Reflector installed according to QSO365´s (very good and working ) explanation. This Reflector and its Dashboard installed on the first attempt and runs fine without problems
The other RPI 3B+ also has raspbian stretch lite installed, PHP7.0 and on top of it DVSwitch-System-Builder.

Both RPi´s are running in the same Network behind a firewall.
I was able to get the MMDVM_Bridge Dashboard running but it does not show any links or connection attempts from HT´s and the status is always idle.
How do I get the MMDVM Bridge to link my reflector to the Brandmeister TG i have entered in DVSwitch.ini?

Is there a complete detailed description which values in MMDVM_Bridge.ini and DVSwitch.ini and possibly in any other hidden config files or somewhere else need to be changed/adapted and how?
I have done the suggested changes of values in the config files  like from this
but there are a lot of unanswered questions e.g. what do I put in "DMR adress" (I assume its the Brandmeister  Master??) or in YSF Gateway Address (is it the URL of the other Pi that runs the Reflector?)
What other ports do I need to open up on the firewall ?
How should the config files look like for my setup?
I have tried everything I could think of but no luck, the Bridge does not work as it should

Do I need anything else (Software or Hardware than the two Raspberrys to do this? Did I miss anything?
I´m completely stuck at this point.

any help would greatly be appreciated


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