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We just posted some changes to the components, here is the. changelog.  Several of these changes will require significant doc for you to use so more to come:
  • Add AGC update including new settings
        • In AB.ini you can now set usrpAgc to adjust the threshold, slope and decay of the AGC
        • "Threshold" specifies AGC Knee in dB if AGC is active.( nominal range -160 to 0dB)

        • "Slope" specifies dB reduction in output at knee from maximum output level(nominal range 0 to 10dB) 
        • "Decay" is AGC decay value in milliseconds ( nominal range 20 to 5000 milliSeconds)

      • Add reloadDatabase remote command
        • This command (issued from will cause AB to reload its internal database of users from disk.  This is normally done once every 24h
  • Add menu command (does not popup menu on mobile)
        • Like the "macro" menu for DVSM/pyUC, the menu command loads a transient menu into the client. 
        • Unlike the "macro" command (which now popups up immediately) the menu command just loads the menu
        • This command is most useful in conjunction with the OnRegister macro
  • Support USRP ping back (NAT keep alive)
        • Allow AB to respect a reverse keep alive from the mobile client for some NAT situations
  • Multiport transmit to support better bridge creation
        • This requires a full post all by itself, but the quick description is that a comma delimited list of transmit ports is now supported by AB and MB
        • The main purpose of this is to support better bridge architectures
        • Other uses include logging and streaming 
  • Allow macro variables with substitution
        • Again a single change that requires a full post.
        • Variables are now supported in the macro section of AB.ini
        • The variables are substituted by the shell before command. execution
        • The variables allow for much more concise command line strings
        • The variables make for much more readable macro definitions
        • Less dedicated scripts will. be needed as the macro definition can be defined in the section alone
        • Variables are exported to the environment and be used by client scripts for context
  • Better ini parsing error messages
        • When an error. is encountered in the parsing of the ini files, a better error message is. generated to. help diagnose the problem
  • Add warning if call not found in database (DSTAR)
        • DSTAR/ircddbGateway is picky and wants a valid callsign to operate.
        • This warning tells you that a call can not be found in the database that matches the DMR ID/CCS7 provided in "gatewayDmrId"
  • Add name lookup and metadata export
        • Metadata exported from the USRP interface now includes the first name and callsign of the DMR ID
        • The information comes from the database file loaded by "subscriberFile"
  • Change default transferRoot to /tmp
        • Change the default so that users who fail to set this parameter still function as expected
  • Make tune command able to invoke macros
        • The tune command/AB now supports invocation of AB macros using the same syntax (*) as DVSM/pyUC
  • Inherit dir names from environment
        • Along with the variable support in AB, can now use AB_DIR, MMDVM_DIR and NODE_DIR from the environment
  • Use awk and not jq
        • On small machines (older Raspberry Pi) using jq would choke on large database files (DMR)
        • We moved bac to using awk which performs MUCH better and does not choke
  • Change ASL validation to a more visible node
      • Allow several commands to execute without ABInfo being present.
  • Add download and validation of user database files.
      • Support new AB commands reloadDatabase, AGC settings, etc
  • Change DMR networks on the fly.
        • The DMR tune command now support network selection.
        • The tune syntax. is PPPPP@AAAAA:###:OOOO
        • Where
          • PPPPP is the password for the DMR server
          • AAAA is the. FQDN (ip address) of the server
          • #### is the port that the DMR server is listening on
          • OOOO is any options that may be needed (XLX and DMR+)
  • Comma delimited set of transmit ports for each mode.
        • This will take a whole post to describe!  Maybe even two
        • The transmit ports in DVSWITCH.INI now take a comma delimited list of ports
        • These ports will allow you to set up single instance bridges with like mode partners with greater than two networks
      • NXDN remote command error silence (Just a bug fix)
      • DSTAR remote command was dropping into END_TX case. (just a bug fix)
  • Better error message for dvswitch.ini file parsing.
        • When an error. is found while parsing the ini files, a better error message is generated
  • DMR support for talker alias. DVSWITCH.ini has a new tag (TalkerAlias) in the DMR section.
        • This setting will be transmitted to the network on each transmission and can include your name, rig, location, etc
  • P25 Soft Id transmit and receive
        • Still a work in progress, but it is functional on decode
  • YSF split of narrow and wide TLV export to support transcode.
        • Wide mode YSF packets can now be sent to its own list of transmit ports using TXWidePort
        • This is independent of the narrow transmit ports
        • This allows you to transcode one side of YSF while keeping the other format free from conversion
  • YSF uses the latitude and longitude from MMDVM_Bridge.ini for the GPS location.
        • All transmissions will include GPS locations from the MB.ini file if non-zero
  • DSTAR slow data fix DSTAR ini file addition: message
  • Force MB to begin transmission if we did not see one (FCS bug)
  • Make MB return MMDVM and not _Unknown

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