Re: HBLink: Adhoc clients with routing rules, conferences etc

Matthew Pitts N8OHU

Okay, I think I have it, but to clarify; each system listed in the rules in the needs to be listed as a Master in the hblink.cfg file? How are the ports and IP addresses handled for each defined master? And how does one configure a master as a peer of another master?

Matthew Pitts


On 5/30/2017 2:59 PM, Steve N4IRS wrote:
Let's see if this helps. Below is the confbridge rules used for the simple demo running on

    'AllStarLink': [
            {'SYSTEM': 'BrandMeister', 'TS': 2, 'TGID': 3167, 'ACTIVE': True, 'TIMEOUT': 2, 'TO_TYPE': 'NONE', 'ON': [], 'OFF': []},
            {'SYSTEM': 'HBlink',       'TS': 2, 'TGID': 3167, 'ACTIVE': True, 'TIMEOUT': 2, 'TO_TYPE': 'NONE', 'ON': [], 'OFF': []},
    'Talker': [
            {'SYSTEM': 'Talker',       'TS': 1, 'TGID': 9999, 'ACTIVE': True, 'TIMEOUT': 2, 'TO_TYPE': 'NONE', 'ON': [], 'OFF': []},
            {'SYSTEM': 'HBlink',       'TS': 1, 'TGID': 9999, 'ACTIVE': True, 'TIMEOUT': 2, 'TO_TYPE': 'NONE', 'ON': [], 'OFF': []},
            {'SYSTEM': 'IPSC_bridge',  'TS': 1, 'TGID': 9999, 'ACTIVE': True, 'TIMEOUT': 2, 'TO_TYPE': 'NONE', 'ON': [], 'OFF': []},
    'Parrot': [
            {'SYSTEM': 'Parrot',       'TS': 2, 'TGID': 9990, 'ACTIVE': True, 'TIMEOUT': 2, 'TO_TYPE': 'NONE', 'ON': [], 'OFF': []},
            {'SYSTEM': 'HBlink',       'TS': 2, 'TGID': 9990, 'ACTIVE': True, 'TIMEOUT': 2, 'TO_TYPE': 'NONE', 'ON': [], 'OFF': []},

The SYSTEM is a Master or Peer defined in hblink.cfg
BrandMeister is a Peer to BM 3108
HBlink is a Master running on
Talker is a Master running on
IPSC_bridge is a Master running on
Parrot is a Master running on

Traffic to and from BM on TS2/TG3167 is bridged to any Peer connected to the Master HBlink 
Traffic is bridged between Talker, HBlink and IPSC_bridge on TS1/TG9999
Traffic is bridged between Parrot and HBlink on TS2/9990

On 5/30/2017 2:38 PM, wrote:

Please forgive me if this is an elementary question, but reading the example code hasnt made things any clearer.

From what I gather, The majority of the code covers routing between pre-defined networks. Does the functionality exist to route between adhoc clients connected to a HBLink master, or is it assumed this takes place "upstream"?


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