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JJ Cummings

Are you using an openbridge connection or are you connecting to BM as a PEER?  Based on what you say you are doing it as a PEER, which you should not be doing.  Please create an Openbridge and go that route.


On Mon, Apr 20, 2020 at 12:42 PM <john.brazel225@...> wrote:
MMDVM Bridge running on raspberry pi3, i have allstar and echolink working, and connected to brandmeister with no problems and the bridge does exactly what it supposed to do and functions perfect, however, every Sunday night/Monday morning, it will not connect to anything. I have the pi set to reboot every night at midnight, and upon reboot, a macro will get my bridge connected back to an echolink conference...Ecxept for the wee hours of Monday morning and most of the day Monday. I have completely started over twice with fresh installs and keep coming up with the same issue. I'm just lost on this one. Any Ideas?


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