Re: ASL <> DMR <> YSF inquiry? #mmdvm_bridge

Steve N4IRS

The one to one bridge was the first method we came up with. What always bothered us was the complexity of a one to many bridge. Mike came up with a elegant "simple" way of making that happen. It is pretty much limited to "like modes" in this case, DMR, YSFn and NXDN which are all AMBE. Everything we do is to add power to the "partners" As we have said over and over "With great power, comes some complexity" (with apologies to Stan lee)

Steve, N4IRS

On 4/20/20 8:04 PM, andrew delgado via wrote:
wow thanks Steve, this is what i have in mind that i thought be working then i think that it will not work so i created a new instance but still no luck because of im mixing ports conflict :)

Thanks Steve looking forward to that kind of simple but rock setup!

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