Is there a simple way for Bridging a Brandmeister TG to an XLX Reflector (new 2020 Version)


"Simple" question:
How do I bridge a BM Talkgroup to an XLX Reflector. Do I really need 2 instances of MMDVM_Bridge? How do MMDVM_Bridge.ini and DVSwitch.ini look like?
I have successfully bridged a YSF Reflector with one instance of DVSwitch/MMDVM_Bridge to a BM Talkgroup in another project.
Is there a similar way to do this with my XLX Reflector running the new 2020 version?
The XLX Reflector works fine with C4FM and D-Star (using Ambe Server), connecting to DMR XLX via TG6 works fine too.
Now I want to make it easy to our DMR users here so that they just can work with the local TG they are used to.

thanks for any advice

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