Re: Is there a simple way for Bridging a Brandmeister TG to an XLX Reflector (new 2020 Version)

Patrick Perdue

In the example of
bm tg <->MB_bm<->MB_xlx<->XLX ref
how would you direct to a specific BM talkgroup? Just assume TG9 and a static talkgroup on the BM self-care page?

On 4/27/2020 6:23 PM, Eric-K6KWB wrote:
Yes two instances of MMDVM_Bridge:

bm tg <->MB_bm<->MB_xlx<->XLX ref
Point first MB_BM to BM and second MB_XLX point to XLX reflector. On DVSwitch.ini cross DMR port.

If you want XLX <-> YSF you can do the same as you mentioned one instance of MB in another project which I prefer. 


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