Re: (fwd) 6 Channel USB AMBE Transcoder Kickstarter Has Started

Matthew 2E0SIP

My understanding is this (I could be wrong) -

* All current AMBE implementations are in software. They will sell you a chip with the software on it, but it's not custom silicone, it's just a micro-controller.
* DVSI will sell you a software license, but minimum order is prohibitive (Tens of thousands as I understand it)
* DVSI will sell end users chips, but minimum order is 10, and shipping is expensive. 
* Efforts have been made to reverse engineer the protocol, but as far as I know its only possible to decode AMBE using standalone software, using publicly available software at least.
* There is an emulator out there that will transcode / decode AMBE suitable for DMR use, but not the other modes.
* The board offered in the kickstarter is using 2x DVSI AMBE 3003 chips to offer the 6 channels.

I think funding the project is the best way to get an open source, 'standardised', multi channel decoder for digital amateur radio at sensible prices.

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