Re: #dmrlink Audio Quality Issues #dmrlink


I guess there is lots more to know.

In your tests, what is the input to your ASL node, through USB radio interface, Local mic in computer, a asl linked station etc...

In the rough, it sounds like your ASL audio is hot.  Just because it sounds good on asl output does not mean it is correct on the input side.

So before you adjust anything, verify that part or you will be chasing your tail later.

On 4/28/2020 8:23 PM, jgrigg@... wrote:
Greetings Everyone! 
I have a DVSwitch instance spun up and running and am having some audio issues. 

DMR > Analog: Sounds Great
Analog > Allstar Node: Sounds Great
Analog > Allstar to >> DMR sounds really bad. 

The people could hear me but had a really hard time understanding what I was saying. Are there some settings changes I can make to help with this?

Thank you in advance! 


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