Conference Bridge


I know that there are those who have done this already.

I began this quest 2+ years ago to build a server that could "conference" together AllStar, DMR, YSF, P25, NXDN and D-Star users.  I wanted to create this to understand how to do it.  I began to go down the road of hb_confbridge and did not have great success and got sidetracked.  I got DMR and YSF working then ran out of gas.  

I am back on that mission and again, I know others have done it, but what is the best route to go to accomplish to goal.  I need to start back at square one.  Can I get a suggestion or even a Block Diagram of how to get started.  Things like "Do I use Gateway, Reflectors or both and what do they connect to?  I have a decent knowledge of Linux and have been doing Ham Radio Digital since the advent of D-Star and MMDVM.

Is there documentation somewhere or someone who has a picture of what theirs looks like.  Any assistance appreciated.  Happy to take this off of the discussion here, if needed.


jb  N4NQY


jb   N4NQY

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