Re: Is there a simple way for Bridging a YSF Reflector to an XLX Reflector (new 2020 Version)


Hi Steve
I have tried various settings in the MMDVM_Bridge.ini but it does not work.

The XLX Reflector is the latest from Jan. 2020 which is running the new Wires-X mode (instead of YSF)

Is there a MMDVM_Bridge.ini that contains all necessary entries for this connection?
E.g- the Part that connects to the Brandmeister TG and the part that connects to the XLX Reflector ?
Especially how to connect to Modul A on the reflector and what ports are needed and where exactly to put the IP Adress of the reflector.
The reflector runs on a different machine in the same local net as the bridge 192.168.xx.xx
Are there special entries in the DVSwitch.ini necessary


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