Re: Hytera DMR Gateway

Steve N4IRS

Since you already started a thread asking this, I would suggest you keep your questions there. This thread had to do with a Hytera Gateway.
I added some info to your thread.

Steve N4IRS

On 5/5/20 6:17 PM, Dexter Harroo wrote:
Hi Steve can you provide info, I know it can be done, but I'm scouring the forum and I just can't find the info I need. PS see below.

Hi guys I hope I"m in the right group, I am building a multimode system,  ASL <-----> DMR <-----> YSF <------> P25 <------> DStar, and i will like to use DVSwitch mobile to connect to it, can anyone point me to where i will find information  to achieve this?
I already have ASL linked to DMR and DMR linked YSF working. Do I use HBlink for the XLX to DMR connection, and How do I connect to these Using DVswitch Mobile on my phone?

Best 73
Dexter Harroo

On Tue, May 5, 2020, 17:29 Steve N4IRS <szingman@...> wrote:
We have nothing to do with gw_hytera_mmdvm. I suggest you check with the author. You might be able to so a symlink to fool gw_hytera_mmdvm.

Steve N4IRS

On 5/5/20 5:07 PM, KK4ZMG Richard via wrote:
I am having some difficulties getting gw_hytera_mmdvm to work on a raspberry pi 3 running Rasbian buster. It appears to be looking for an old version of openssh-1.0.0 but buster only has openssl-1.1  so it cannot find a bunch of the library.  Is there a way to update the gw_hytera_mmdvm to change it to look for the newer version of openssl?

Richard KK4zmg

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