Re: Possible Loop in QSO DMR and MMDVM_Bridge or Analog_Bridge malfunction.

Steve N4IRS

We are working through this and one of the things that MAY be a issue is if there is another copy of Analog_Bridge running on the same machine. I think it may be a second copy of Analog_bridge also serving a DVSM user. Could this be the case?

Steve N4IRS

On 5/5/20 2:31 PM, EA5GVK Joaquin wrote:
Possible Loop in Qso TG 21461 in BrandMeister, we were three friends, EA7JCL Jose antonio, EA1HWR Rafa and me EA5GVK, and in a moment the Dvswitch of the friend EA1HWR has started to broadcast all the traffic of qso 21461, generating a loop, and happening to the friend EA1HWR, which did not hear any traffic on your DVSwitch, leaving no traffic passing from the MMDVM_Bridge to the Analog_Bridge, although if EA1HWR, transmitted if your audio was perfect. So after the loop your dvswtich, the Analog_Bridge, does not receive data from the MMDVM_Bridge, but if you speak through the dvswitch, the Analog_Bridge transmits the traffic to the MMDVM_Bridge.

This situation also happened several days ago, being banned in prevention by the BM Network.
Here I show you the LOGs of the Analog_Bridge and the MMDVM_Bridge, from my friend Rafa EA1HWR, who has this bug.

In the Analog_Bridge log file, on line 108, there is a suspicious situation
I: 2020-05-05 16:15:09.131 USRP packet type: USRP_TYPE_TEXT ({"call": "EA5GVK", "name":""}) -> 2145016

I hope I've given you enough details to be able to solve this problem.
Thank you.

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