Re: Possible Loop in QSO DMR and MMDVM_Bridge or Analog_Bridge malfunction.

EA5GVK Joaquin

Hi, Steve. Good morning.
I was running on a Pi3 was only running one instance of Analog_bridge, MMDVM_Bridge and EMU-380. One user.
Also it usually happens in a regular way, I have also seen that looping not only in BM but also in HBLINK.
Thank you very much for your help Steve. Any help you can report, we are all interested in solving this problem.

El vie., 8 may. 2020 a las 0:46, Steve N4IRS (<szingman@...>) escribió:
We are working through this and one of the things that MAY be a issue is if there is another copy of Analog_Bridge running on the same machine. I think it may be a second copy of Analog_bridge also serving a DVSM user. Could this be the case?

Steve N4IRS

On 5/5/20 2:31 PM, EA5GVK Joaquin wrote:
Possible Loop in Qso TG 21461 in BrandMeister, we were three friends, EA7JCL Jose antonio, EA1HWR Rafa and me EA5GVK, and in a moment the Dvswitch of the friend EA1HWR has started to broadcast all the traffic of qso 21461, generating a loop, and happening to the friend EA1HWR, which did not hear any traffic on your DVSwitch, leaving no traffic passing from the MMDVM_Bridge to the Analog_Bridge, although if EA1HWR, transmitted if your audio was perfect. So after the loop your dvswtich, the Analog_Bridge, does not receive data from the MMDVM_Bridge, but if you speak through the dvswitch, the Analog_Bridge transmits the traffic to the MMDVM_Bridge.

This situation also happened several days ago, being banned in prevention by the BM Network.
Here I show you the LOGs of the Analog_Bridge and the MMDVM_Bridge, from my friend Rafa EA1HWR, who has this bug.

In the Analog_Bridge log file, on line 108, there is a suspicious situation
I: 2020-05-05 16:15:09.131 USRP packet type: USRP_TYPE_TEXT ({"call": "EA5GVK", "name":""}) -> 2145016

I hope I've given you enough details to be able to solve this problem.
Thank you.

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