Re: Possible Loop in QSO DMR and MMDVM_Bridge or Analog_Bridge malfunction.

Jeff Lehman, N8ACL

Just out of curiosity, does EA5GVK possibly hav a couple of hotspots on the same frequency that have that Talkgroup set on them? There has been some problems with people having multiple hotspots and they tend to loop back on themselves on a talk group. So I was just curious. :)


Jeff Lehman, N8ACL
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On May 14, 2020, at 2:37 PM, EA5GVK Joaquin <ea5gvk@...> wrote:

Good afternoon, Steve.
I report again the same problem of LOOP of my friend EA1HWR, I have attached the logs of the new Analog_Bridge and MMDVM_Bridge, armhf, as well as the log provided by BM Spain. For you to see also the server the problem that generates the loop.
Steve can be seen at 19:23 in the BM log which coincides with 17:23 utc in the analog_bridge and MMDVM_Bridge log.
Any more information will be reported to you. <Analog_Bridge.log><Log BM EA1HWR LOOP.txt><MMDVM_Bridge-10-2020-05-14.log>

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