Re: agile Allstar node from MMDVM

Patrick Perdue

I would’ve thought that as well, although if I Chi up on a digital radio and start sending DTMF, it sounds pretty pure on other DMR radios, as well as on the other side of MMDVM bridge. I was pretty surprised about that. apparently, it works well enough if you are sending baseband analog audio directly to ASL through a FOB when sent through fusion, but this person was hoping for a software solution entirely.

On May 16, 2020, at 02:02, Brad N8PC <> wrote:

no cause once converted to digital sounds funny to analog and does not work.

On 5/16/2020 12:37 AM, Patrick Perdue wrote:

I was just asked by someone if it was possible to pass DTMF from YSF to DMR to an Allstar node such that it can be driven remotely from MMDVM, rather than what most people want going the other way around, sending DTMF commands to an Allstar node to change modes and digital talkgroups/reflectors. My first thought is no, because USRP seems to just pass DTMF through as audio, and there is no DSP to process incoming audio to send to Asterisk as commands, such as would be the case with the SimpleUSB driver and an analog radio. Has anyone here done this, and is

this at all possible?

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