Re: Bridging XLX to BM DMR (New Way 2020) #mmdvm_bridge

Rudy N6DOZ


Thanks for that.

I initially had this setup, but wanted the XLX and YSF to be independent if I wanted to switch one reflector to a different TG. The setup below, YSF is acting as the gateway to DMR?

BM-TG <->MB1<->YSF<->MB2<->XLX

Is that what you are talking about?

I wanted them to stand alone for the scenario below if necessary:



However, I do understand my prior setup is more efficient.

Is there a more efficient way of achieving the scenario above?

Thanks again for getting back. 7-3




My next project is to get the FCS reflector bridged to DMR, since you mentioned FCS... I guess I can search and look for answers or start a new thread for that. 

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