Re: Problem of TalkerAlias in

Steve N4IRS

Short term answer, comment out TalkerAlias in while we investigate the problem.
; TalkerAlias = Roger Nowhere Il. DVSWITCH


On 5/17/20 8:47 AM, 정성환 wrote:

Hi All, which is undated recently was added new "TalkerAlias" line in [DMR] and "Message" line [STAR] section each.

The function of the Message in [DSTAR] has no problem because the DSTAR do not use the DMR ID I think.

But the "TalkerAlias in [DMR] has some problems that the DMR id number of transmitting station is changed to another different one in several seconds. So the National DMR id also is changed to another different nation DMR. But the information having the TalkerAlias is correct. 

How can I overcome this problem?

de DS5HVM form KOREA

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