Re: old version of dvswitch

Steve N4IRS

Can it be done? I guess so. I don't know what hardware platform you are running on. I don't know how and when you installed the software. As I said, we are working towards a better method of updating.

On 5/17/20 6:57 PM, Kevin Halton wrote:

Steve,  could I just  paste the missing items into the proper directories or do I need to reinstall everything?


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I can't tell you there is a "easy way" today to upgrade. There are some changes coming to make upgrades smoother.


On 5/17/20 4:56 PM, Kevin Halton wrote:

I am running an ol version of Dvswitch, reading some of the latest posts and trying to follow along I realized I am missing YSFgateway, NXDNGateway,and DMRgateway. Is there an easy way to upgrade my current system to the latest without starting all over again?


Thanks in advance.




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