Re: MMDVM_Bridge doesn't appear to be connecting to ircddbgateway

Steve N4IRS

As far as IDs go, I don't THINK there is any validation for XLX. the DMR instance of AB will try to lookup a DMRID to callsign and pass that on through the bridge. Check the D-Star MB log and make sure the callsigns are being sent on to XLX.

On 5/31/20 11:43 AM, Matthew 2E0SIP wrote:
Hi Steve,

Good Idea, I'll give it a go. 

I don't see much in the ircddblog, other than Gateway and User updates. This seems to be only relevant line:

M: 2020-05-31 15:32:43: From RF
M: 2020-05-31 15:32:43: 0000:  32 36 42 30 30 43 33 20 20                         *26B00C3  *

A few things spring to mind, is there any validation on the IDs used? They're registered as DMR IDs but I don't know if something special is required for D-Star.
Secondly, for the DStar instance of Analog_Bridge, does the following work? Should I be using a specific TG etc to get into XLX? 

; The metadata below is used when ASL is the source since it does not have any concept of digital modes
gatewayDmrId = 2348479                  ; ID to use when transmitting from Analog_Bridge 7 digit ID
repeaterID = 234847911                  ; ID of source repeater 7 digit ID plus 2 digit SSID
txTg = 4003                          ; TG to use for all frames sent from Analog_Bridge -> xx_Bridge
txTs = 2                                ; Slot to use for frames sent from Analog_Bridge -> xx_Bridge
colorCode = 1                           ; Color Code to assign DMR frames


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