Re: MMDVM_Bridge doesn't appear to be connecting to ircddbgateway

Matthew 2E0SIP

Hi Steve,

I'll see if I can schedule something with another Amateur on a DCS reflector.

I noticed in a packet capture I'm sending a DMR ID in place of a Call Sign in the packet to XLX:

This is what it looks like from a D-Star user:

On the DMR side of Analog_Bridge I see this:

I: 2020-05-31 19:43:37.056 Begin TX: src=2343265 rpt=0 dst=2348479 slot=2 cc=0 call=2343265

I wonder if this is causing the issue. Do you know why this would happen? subscriber_ids.csv is up to date and includes my DMR ID, so I'd expect to see my callsign




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