Some questions about and Analog_Bridge

Tim Payne

Evening all,

I am pretty new to the MMDVM_Bridge software and was trying have a bridge from private hblink server to p25 networks. to do this i was trying HBlink ----> DMR2YSF -----> YSF2P25 -----> P25Gateway -----> P25Parrot. this method was not working. I could see traffic going one way but not back the other way.

Then I found this software and got it working. But i have a couple of questions. 
1st is about the script. I have a small python script that looks at the hblink logs and runs the dvswitch command to "tune" the correct talk group. but the only way i can make sure that it only changes the P25 instance of Analog_Bridge is to make sure the p25 instance is started after the DMR instance. is there another way?

2nd question is. I keep getting lots of info packet lines in my Analog_Bridge log files. this puts CPU usage up to 90%. Server starts up normally and nothing much in logs about it. But as soon as there is data, even just change talkgroup with, then the 2 instances of Analog_Bridge just spam each other and cpu load hits near max. This doesnt stop until I have killed one of the instances. Is this normal? or something wrong with configuration files? should I be running on a faster PC? The PC is a 1.6GHz Atom CPU and 2GB RAM with Ubuntu Server 18.04 running.

Thanks and 73's

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